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in this half hour news and current affairs talk show. as news makers an expert guests discuss issues of global impact. crime and punishment united states has the highest rated for them and the world but an ex convict get a second chance. i am. six lines early in the journal and see the bees and jerry cartoons in the summer former israeli prime minister ariel sharon has died at the age of the veto british soldiers are accused of torturing prisoners in iraq international criminal court is to investigate. here was a bit garbled makes the stanley cup winning with
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nsw cup in ulster. worst of the promised ariel sharon has gone the eighty five year old passed away in a time of the hospital. we've been in a coma following a stroke eight years ago. sharon held various government pedersen was despised by many palestinians is a hard liner shortly before his illness he withdrew israeli forces and settlers from the gaza strip in return the territory to the palestinians. i hear on the way his hospital nintendo wii. dd is in a coma his death wasn't a surprise his race was still saddened by the news yet he was an extraordinary press and the often very much. he goes along well with people he was a fight to amanda's nearly good enough the minute taking out the people. tight. this guy. reading horse. many israelis new sharon as a
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national hero. he was a brilliant minutes the strategies that quickly turns to the rank of our general. he said his defence minister and then foreign minister before becoming prime minister. the tide is he defended his message the ticket so he supported the expansion of jewish sentiments and the palestinian territories it was a man of great determination which a political flexibility to take a minute when he decided to twist or israeli settlers from the gaza strip. in all of them might use facilities they've made hundreds of thousands of decisions. many many gods to live and days but the decision about the disengagement man. is the most difficult. old. many palestinians to sharon as a financing through to occupy bullied and humiliated him in the netherlands born in nineteen eighty two. an israeli government commission from sharon personally
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responsible for the massacre of palestinian refugees to beirut . in his appearance on the temple mount in jerusalem in two thousand sq ft during the second palestinian uprising. he did it on to the there was a tiring to your children the elderly and women in the final the us mostly with his feet labor would make us realize the death of all those like him and thank god for taking him in relieving us of him serious of control. this is interrupted sharon's long political career. on the beach. a severe stroke in two thousand and six. and sharon into an infant. he remains in a coma. two years before dying at the age of ninety five the more we go to our correspondent on ukraine were in jerusalem tanya west's reaction to sharon's death there in israel we're
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thinking of what i'd expected you go to the car because her favorite baby update on the way the education of the hall to the post reported on this one have to admit that there is a lot of people of the art of the fact that he hadn't been called by a typical fed up with that bit of overkill for the year two teeth are coming in from the israeli politicians across the board did not eat this. nobody is to prevent that mr brogden pay it back to her. it's the school was a polarizing see your soul will he be remembered. what a great heart to give her a year but it had to get back to that what you are. i doubt
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it but it should fit with the committee that will benefit both companies the character you open it with a trip might have made keeping in touch but hey get a quick bite at critique that neither the court to question the decisions and actions and that the iconic been apparently dead it began to cry then he took his eyes. he didn't have a jury what the president that if i get there. victorians after the theft of two of the fact that kbr a float above eighty per feeding. it was a bit for his third goal in the face of the things on the cricket coverage to go back to heaven the big otago cricket is actually are and what has shaped the pacific eleven people over the centuries to come from the stimulation of the target of a feather tempted by a baby but he's one of the top of that generation. the sun you think you very much for that time the claimant their interest in a world leaders around the world have been paying tribute to ariel sharon. us president barack obama described him as a leader who dedicated his life. the state of israel. and german chancellor under medical praise him for making concessions to the palestinians. was it his courageous decision to withdraw israeli settlers from the gaza strip
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represented a historical step towards reaching an agreement with the palestinians and a two state solution. the blues german in geo and a british law firm are asking the international criminal court in the hague to investigate possible war crimes committed by british soldiers during the iraq war their complaint calls for an investigation into the actions of senior british officials who thinks that he did nothing to stop the alleged abuse. hundreds of iraqis oppose complaints of greatness. posted with his detention. he thousand and three in two thousand and eight. the key soldiers and subjecting them to constant physical and psychological intimidation. they forced me to kneel down and pushed my head can be hit me in the face in the stomach until my back. then they went to clean them else fails a token gave me a link to kill us all money back. in their report the traditional firm
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interest lawyers in the bell inn based european center for constitutional and human rights concluded that high ranking officials must unload about the abuse. see it and still couldn't they could still exist and they should install business and because they didn't liable for prosecution. they held responsibility because of that position. this is not getting caught up seriously interested in these stuff before. the most notorious cases the soprano most in need of a down to fifty six as in detention. he's going he was badly bruised and lesser rated. only one soldier was sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to inhuman treatment the british ministry of defense issued a statement to the gym and eighty z does it start on friday while we reject the suggestion that the u k zone forces to operate in line with domestic and international will systematically tortured the trainees. the uk of course regrets the small number of cases where pcs
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have taken place. to compensate the victims and their families wherever allegations have been substantiated. campaigners have called in vain for a inquiry into the uk detention and interrogation practices in iraq. the big teams know that they were the chief justice from the international criminal court. the white house says it hopes to see idolized implementation agreement from all the training iran's nuclear program the statement follows high level talks between iranian and eu negotiators in geneva the agreement which could lead to the listing of economic sanctions on iraq still must be approved by the six countries and all officials say the beans with the progress of talks in tehran's nuclear program. but ms trust still exists on both sides. english language newspapers in iran talk of hostility from the rakyat states. even though an agreement that his clients
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that'll be another step towards a peaceful solution but many of the islamic republic of not convinced that the deal will be approved by both sides. i'm optimistic about the agreement was reached and the talks that some hardliners are against the deal. they will allow this to happen. the agreement will only work if we allow it to go ahead the force be with and it does it's not easy to be optimistic about this. we should wait and see what happens. only time will tell whether the talks will finally result in the conclusion. as a kid talks aimed at reaching agreement on how to implement a deal on iran to the korea program. that deal with ceo ron put its nuclear activities on hold for six months in exchange for some sanctions being teased. any agreements us to be approved by the governments of the five permanent members of the un security council plus germany and iran. several anti government protesters
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have been wounded in the thai capital bangkok after a gunman opened fire on the rally. most of the injured were anti government protesters seeking of law. seeking to block rather a snap election scheduled for february second they've been calling for prime minister dual kinda want to read soul and accusing her of corruption and nepotism. authorities fear more violence as the opposition has vowed to completely shut down the capital next week fighting has intensified in central african republic all with the resignation of the country's first muslim president. the show to put the young. five people died in overnight violence and there are reports of widespread looting. the us's is sending six hundred troops to the country to support french and african forces were trying to restore call eu foreign ministers will finalize plans for the intervention way through
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this month. they say securing the airport in the capital bungling is fine former ukrainian interior minister and opposition leader during the last cinco is in the hospital after being injured in clashes between police and anti government protesters the sink is suffered head injuries after trying to intervene in a confrontation between riot police and opposition activists. at least nine others were also hospitalized the incident took place during a protest against the sentencing of three opposition. sports news now and a brilliant performance in the giant slalom from germany's felix nor avoid to twenty nine year old grabbed victory in the world cup that album don't bog and adam baldwin in switzerland is sensational win makes him only the second ever german to conquer the display and that many considered alpine skis profits. i actually got
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was the last of his countrymen to pull it all the way back in nineteen seventy three. well in the women's downhill lindsey's bones continued absence has given the rest of the field a real chance german ski or money opportunity has been marked out as a favorite for olympic glory in russia. while at the latest world cup meet she was outdone by one of the sports shirts. he's a big girl who was delighted to finally return to form. he won the world cup downhill event to her home country austria. it's a first victory in the tournament in two years. the thirty two year old produced an almost perfect growing conditions were difficult of the course insolvency. but durable was more than a match within the clock the time of one minute forty seven to secure a fifth korea world cup with the sole australian rising star on the footing that even seconds. jeremy smelly and
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this movie. the overall standings the third place finish. once again why she's a strong men compared to the upcoming session with juventus. but you have to fight off competition from the experience good and clean goal. germany has kept up its winning streak in the luge doubles third to last race of the season informal poll tony baguette and some show bennett and wears tights to song but a promise that the contract to sell the germans to be a spindle and phobias on into second in the women's singles olympic champion touchdown of the intended teammate not for the guys and bag a season long winning streak guys and i to have won six cola truck but was helped on by the snow the three time olympic ski jump champion political organs down remains in stable condition today after he suffered stole injuries and a bruised along during a training accident the federation in his native austria says it's way too
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early to judge whether martin's down will still compete at the upcoming winter olympics and soft almost more than that is being cared for the consoles but doctors say he came through the night well and his condition remains stable gilmore says kong we are monitoring him constantly his condition is not life threatening and likely control of his contacts to fifteen pm and eight. during training. lost his balance and fell heavily. the crew seems to be boyfriend and a great job. he was treated immediately on tamiflu and then airlifted to hospital the uk's coaches in the austrian mint. our initial and go to see most extensive lucky not to let our allies. he finished runner up in the government
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must make an impressive comeback to that folder december. but this accident is more serious. he remained in intensive care on to him and the beast. watching dw to stay with us. do. for it
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the eye. though. he'll be speaking to students enter to win this to be back to him countries in a long time then the immigrants some legal some easy. communal prayer gives them a feeling of security and helps them deal with living in a foreign country. the six million people migrated to south africa in the last two
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tickets. and that takes notes and wants to south africa as the rainbow nation. it is still true. i' herto find out the onset tt chrtian foster sweet and it is to take a taxi. many taxi drivers are immigrants and fast ti i called is driven by what his name his best mode you. what if the kids got to sew them up andake up in arms and bob went back to va in eighteen ninety nine is up on mentioning one but some activists of oaxaca. and lemme tell you things that look as good as it is now most of the rides but does that tell me it doesn't mean you couldn't just let them open up the stuff about anyone else. mr brought his family here in zimbabwe a long time ago. he says he feels comfortable living in south africa but in recent years the mood has turned sharply against immigrants
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that's something that has experienced personally careful study of t myth of the road. was it. and i need positive role soon so that i've said we don't ask them to put a ball but the to start driving. oh if only because of the pivotal to the needs of the road. how did that but besides i've been just doubled over the ropes the knowledge of pop and the dust of the pub the cost of a cough and i just dove in no way dependent on his job for me. this takes me to islam not far from the city center. in two thousand and eight davis sixty people were killed in an attack against migrants the getting started here this is afraid to be. heehee i'm not going to court in a few undertow of this defendant open to us what ahead for us but what they do it differently. i'm not going
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to do with the saudis. seal the book. as i'm holding into the slum best drives off the stasi can. ground is littered with garbage. it's made of corrugated iron. this is not a town home to thousands of south africans the only safe time to time periods during the day hardly anyone has electricity is in the running will tell. a few of the lucky ones have occasional work it's a lot of animosity about michael's can say is they're the ones kicking away your toolkit coast based team was forty million the color jokes. would you want it open for him to go i'd like to keep the team to attract attention the subject of my kids what is is a touchy one month just don't do it again it
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did this i saw blood. monday tuesday that its all out we sold about four. the final four was she really is and is told he's too expensive storm that is to watch the kids to watch. the system works when you can afford. hmm well everyone who goes into fiction. so what does it sell it in the. today london. so what if they were double but the episode. i waited. if the government said if
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the questions that you did it it's okay. don't y'all. well for one of them and shows me where he's living in huts made from corrugated iron and flexible. with those. yet three. we shouldn't continue when you quit you can do to you. the school. cute though you can see it. so all us cramped conditions and an explosive mixture. each phones. since fox often the sea. to get him to teach us to keep. so leah didn't get done eating. cheeky little ghosts and appealed to do with keeping on. thus since the attack. migrants are rarely venture into slumps. i need to tell any up
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into a huntsman center with me on news from senegal. he says many new arrivals from the concert the content of a hard time when they arrived in south africa. yet as illegal migrants have been scorching derelict houses in the city center. is the toughest loss i wasn't even the changeover whereby you find the proper migrants living on this bad condition so they get state and the dead that have it as such it goes most of them but i have a flat with the five a decent job but that didn't stop when in his big big snow got cramps up winning the bid team. the project say that you see i'm telling you because of this initiative is that i didn't and you know solace us right back. and because i've been sick. my kids are not very well come and go but so excited to get to that website link to get a job it's that they did not watch it. takes me into one of the occupied houses and city. it's risky because outside is a most welcome. it
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seems to be little value placed on life. a little these men from malawi. he knew the chances several genes. living conditions. so you see me to do for you soon i mean. we were hosting what is. stupid people it can tend to loose a story the whole of the possum is essential that this illness natanz to break out the situation. so in that it is so gentle cut it short
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some aren't. he then said why didn't i. the problem is that the dow fell by fifteen foot ten years. in boston but much else. the document. i know it's an open secret many of the audience of bye bye seasoning. naturally enough fuel to talk about it they presented portray themselves as innocent trade its victims. some africans justice system. it's going to say so that was the city the good stuff. to do so. i don't. q we have to stop recording. total group of people living in the house is planning to rob us. we managed to meet the building to pop. with that. it is there is another sign to immigration in south africa the story of success benjamin society of migrants from various african countries has developed in the district of you. the neon
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lives here for a long time she tells me about how it was when he and ryan. that meant it was sent to us for years after democrats so they can get actually used to seeing looked up my tent in the country. so it was very top of this it. the din the senegalese government to have the option to two weeks in the center would you hope that those like from ninety eight and two two thousand and eighty two thousand and three and since then. you know it's been getting that date and that all might end up leaving the country setting off us that it is up getting that was but not sixty eight. it didn't take to that. that's felt like getting out for my kids in the front. continues to support two new arrivals in you. they profit from his experience. only a tiny proportion of millions of migrants managed to rise out of pocket to find a job start
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a business. the african ds before him giving immigrants employees. politicians have failed in the two pieces political scientists line when sequel qian toe the main crop. why is that we don't have a need to know my patients that he does have a proper integration. what is good and honest people to come to south africa beat them the second thing is that these thoughts on what its government that is they that any nutrition is that put it to produce two one two weeks is the dots of cia cia that inexpensive going to come and take jobs. i take people's sam lyons and not one bit upset the contribution that immigrants make to south africa's economy. it's a good example of someone making a contribution. we meet up again at midday in front of his restaurant in mosman and trendy district into the stake center. to love again. st school. iran says
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in business. he employs south africans as well as other immigrants. he says many immigrants some old business savvy than the locals the thought of it. for business. it is. sophie put it here at the back seat it's not about that. i got lights and i got to that effect. it's a short distance from restaurant to the migrants from its differences are cute. alas as it takes practice doctor and
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business. upcoming year. on the second about opening a business yet i didn't mean it was this was after last weekend. small was the deep subjects in one tree that needed to set their sights a bit you don't have a choice no doubt be doing a simple house. lundy i see his dreams come true. it's also bailed on restaurants is a popular spot with people from poland african beats. i am you can go to school. the nor did it yesterday. the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk
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tsk. long name other the air. i chopped a change the week sixteen. o'neill but that time. i'm not fine. and all. after that. i'm not
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caught the ball up. one watch out. you will you what will the eye. the and the film might be. i can think of disobedience dynamic economy. his deal and discount some of the desert ck

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